Monday, May 17, 2010

So why you are looking for a change ???

Common Question you always confused right ??

So why you are looking for a change ???
Here is 10 typical answers …Which one suite for you select it..

1: Best Rated answer. ( 90**)

 “ My last boss kept offering  me hysteria”.

2:   Good boy Version :
I have been with my current employer for over one year...I have progressed from an ** level position to a*****). The company is a _____
My current position is not exciting and challenging. I am unchallenged and underutilized. There's no satisfaction or motivation ...My managers never seem to get involved. I've been told I'm too opinionated but I see myself only wanting the best for everyone

3: Over confidence :
 I am looking for technical and economical growth, and want to work in such environment where I can use my skill,
innovative ideas and also improve my knowledge and skill.

4: Crisis version :
The current Process for which I am working is moving out of our organization so any way they move us to some other
process where I need to start from scrap at that time I got this opportunity so I am looking for a change

5: Fed Up :
In my current company I am doing well, don’t have any problems with anything But I need to update my knowledge as 
soon as possible because updated technology is needed for face the new challenges and for better career growth. if I 
am not. I feel in security in my knowledge and in my current company also. so here I have tried to update my 
skills but I could not because here the opportunities are limited so that I am looking...

6: Honest:

with my current employer I have advance with the current available resources, I have honed mu skills and gained new
ones hence I believe I am more marketable and looking for a suitable position.
7: Family ( sentimental) version
For Better prospectus and betterment of future. After I got marry (or I have children or some family reason) my 
responsibilities increased but in present job there is no indication of good increment in salary to fulfill my family 
need I need to look for another job. And I feel that your company can provide me good salary and better way to grow
8: worried about experience:
I want to work with a good brand name which help me to grow. looking in for a new challenge and discovering myself in a bigger role.. this job interested me  a lot I have got in a positive manner..and un doubtfully prove and competence and display my abilities.. 
9: Yo Yo :

Change is one word that can’t be changed, but we can move towards that change.... Moreover, when best opportunity 
knocks we have to make a wise decision. Looking at the current profile it motivates me and helps me to take higher 
responsibility and prove myself. On top of all these brand name of the company makes me confident about my future if I 
get selected here.... Hence, I'm looking out for this change to work in your esteemed organization.
In the end, it's important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we're...Let's adapt to
positive changes.

10 : ????( I didn’t understand what he actually want to say)

It is clearly written on the wall that always change for betterment. The degree of satisfaction is a function of a 
set of motivational drives and for me the true sense professional company is top on the priorities. There is a 
deep feeling in me that an employee gets an amicable degree of freedom to work and intern, recognized perfectly & 
transparently in a professional company. I feel that the same thing is lacking in my present organization and 
simultaneously appealing in the organization today I appeared for interview.